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Ecofriendly Resort in Tuscany

Hotel for Holidays in Donoratico

The accommodation facility is located adjacent to the sea in an area of great environmental value characterized by a mobile dune zone and a back dune area with flourishing Mediterranean vegetation.

The eco-sustainability of the resort has a long story: it is a regenerations of old existing construction (those of the former Donoratico Shipyard) and not a new building.


Ecosystem and Ethical Approach

The construction went through the initial phases of reclaiming the abandoned area which was in a state of neglect and uncontrolled use. Litter and fly-tipping removed, pruning and cutting overgrown vegetation.

The project for the new buildings' construction actually affected only the areas that had already been compromised, safeguarding the green spaces and sand dunes. The dunes have been protected with thick ropes to prevent foot traffic and preserve the vegetation. For the construction of the complex it was not necessary to build new roads but just maintenance on the existing one using eco-friendly tarmac...

The buildings were built with eco-compatibility criteria, in terms of using sustainable materials (laminated wood, natural stones), environmental insertion (copper roofs that integrate the green vegetation, wooden window frames), and improved energy consumption (all windows are protected from direct radiation to reduce air conditioning, wall cavity with thermal insulation, and photovoltaics panels on all roofs). Drains connected to the local municipality water purifier treatment plant to guarantee the highest quality of the purification.

The resort has two separate photovoltaic systems: one with a power of 142.80 kwp which covers the surface of almost all the roofs for a total of over 2500 square meters, the other with a power of 400.00 kwp, installed on the car porters in the external parking over an area of 4,000 square meters.

The modules are of new technology in thi-film material of the Schuco brand, a European leader in the production of PV systems.

The energy generated exceeds the entire needs of the resort saving 450,000 tonnes of CO2 emission every year.

In addition, the buildings are equipped with latest generation air conditioning and heating production systems (of the KLINT brand) that exploit self-produced electricity several times by heating the sanitary water (showers) with the heat generated by the heating system.

At the Canado Club you will also find recycling zones; we have reduced the consumption of plastic to a minimum, choosing recyclable materials with a low environmental impact.

We are proud to have a tourist accommodation facility located by the sea in a 20 hectare pinewood park, with 650 beds, which has no harmful emissions in the surrounding environment and only uses renewable energy sources.

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