Canado Club


Located nearby a stretch of coast of great environmental value with a mobile dune landscape backed by luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation.

Sustainability has been the core concept that has inspired every aspect of this project which consists in fact in the refurbishment and recovery of the former Cantiere Navale Donoratico without adding any new buildings.


Canado Club is an Environmentally Friendly Structure

The initial stages of the project included a thorough recovery of the area that had been abandoned and therefore was in very bad conditions due to neglect and misuse: rubbish was removed, pruning was carried out, etc.

Actual building of new structures was carried out only in areas that already had architecture on them, safeguarding green areas and the sandy dunes. Fences prevent access to the dunes preserving the growth of the typical vegetation. Sustainable paving was used to restore the existent road network.

Every building was designed so as to deliver a highly sustainable result, with carefully selected building materials (plywood, natural stone), perfectly integrating with the landscape (copper roofs matching the vegetation, wooden panelling) and assuring low energy consumption (all windows have protection from direct sunlight in order to reduce the use of air-conditioning in the summer, and all buildings feature thermal insulation coating, and a photovoltaic system).The wastewater plumbing is connected to the local municipal treatment plant assuring a top quality depuration.

The resort is has two separate photovoltaic systems: one of 142,80 kwp covering almost all the roofs covering an area of over 2500 square metres, the other of 400,00 kwp installed on the roofs of the car park outside the resort, covering an area of 40000 square meters.

The photovoltaic units are made in thin-film produced by Schuco, the European leader company in the field.

The energy supplied by this system exceeds the needs of the resort, saving each year 450.000 t of CO2.

The resort also features state of the art air conditioning and heating systems (by KLINT) that use the self-produced electric power twice: the heat produced by the air conditioning system is used to heat the water for domestic use (showers). This solution allowed Canado Club to consume in 2011 150.000 kwh less compared to 2010 and totally avoid the use of LP gas.

We are extremely proud of our seaside resort: located in a 20-hectare pine grove, we offer 650 sleeping accommodations, producing no noxious emission and using energy produced exclusively with renewable sources.

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