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Safe Holiday in Family Hotel in Tuscany

The Canado Family is up and running: starting from the 10th of June 2021 you can return to the beach! You will find a safe and secure environment for you and for your family. We have updated our cancellation policy to make sure you can book without hassle.

At Canado, we are lucky to have beach houses, centuries-old pine trees and fantastic stretches of beach on which the resort sits. All this space will educate us to a new form of social distancing which will make us feel closer. Scroll down to see what we have set up for your arrival.


Our services "at the time of Covid-19"

Let's go straight to the point: we will comply with every government and regional guideline to guarantee you and your family a wonderful but also safe holiday.

Read the following list to find out more on the safety measures that are in place.


Our online check-in service allows you to speed up the arrival process and reduce the time spent at the reception to a minimum. Find out more on our FAQ's page.


You must wear a face covering in every situation in which you find yourself close to other people (while queuing, on the shuttle and in the restaurants while not seated at your table). The use of a face covering is mandatory when you are les than 1 metre from non family member or anyone that is not in your household.

A face covering is not required on the beach.

Hand sanitiser is supplied in various locations throughout the resort.


Every room, flat and common areas are sanitised following government guidelines using specific products in line with Covid-19 safety measures.


We will limit access to the pools to ensure that social distancing can be carried out. You can book your turn if the pools reach maximum occupancy.


Your children can enjoy safely enjoy themselves as they will be divided into groups based on latest government guidelines:


  • Baby-Club (3-6 years): 1 adult every 5 children;
  • Mini-Club (7-9 years): 1 adult every 7 children;
  • Teen-Club (10-12 years): 1 adult every 10 children;
  • Junior-Club (13-18 years): 1 adult every 10 teens.


As usual we will conduct a series of fun-filled activities: sports, games, creative labs with sanitised products, evening shows and more.

Your children can have fun with our VivaTeam entertainment staff while you relax on the beach.


We guarantee 10 square metres of exclusive beach space per beach umbrella, in line with government guidelines, if you pay for the beach service (1 umbrella + 2 sunbeds).


As requested by the law, we will guarantee a minimum distance of 1 metre between guests at the tables. Access to the restaurants will be managed in order to not create crowds. You may remove your face covering only while seated at your table.


During your stay, you can reach us by using our virtual assistance system through WhatsApp or e-mail. We will be happy to help with all queries.

Add +39 0565 77 2002 to your contacts list as “Virtual Assistant”; our app “Canado Club”. Click here to download it from Play Store or click here to download it from Apple Store.


The market will be fully operative. You will be required to wear a face covering, wait in line for your turn and observe social distancing measures.


Our members of staff have been trained to the new health and safety protocols and will all be provided with personal protective equipment.

Respect. Collaboration. Professionality. Availability.
Our fundamental principles to guarantee you the holiday you've always dreamed of.

You write it "Canado".
You read it "Famiglia".

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